Over 1.2 million Facebook viewers watched the thank-you video hosted by World Champions Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez when Nick stepped down as the full time host and commentator of the MotoGP World Championship.

Nick is the voice of World Championship  Motorsport listened to by tens of millions of television viewers throughout the world. For 18 years he hosted and commentated on the MotoGP World Championship for the World Television feed that had a massive truly global audience. His distinctive voice, knowledge and humour became a hall mark of the coverage.

Nick has also worked for the Channel Nine in Australia in both Formula One and MotoGP. He worked for the BBC World Service for over 25 years, TalkSPORT Radio and has commentated on BBC Television and radio on both two and four wheeled World Championship events.

That distinctive voice has narrated many programmes, videos, and adverts for International companies such as Yamaha, Castrol and Rothmans. Nick also hosted all the major MotoGP press conferences at the grands prix and has hosted presentations for International companies including Tissot, Honda and JR International.